Welcome to Cyphen Hyphen - The Dream Bubble Show

Welcome to the 5th dimension aka “heaven on earth” aka...

A new world where dreams are now reality. The “dream bubble of pure bliss” has popped ..on planet earth. “We are flying high on air!”

The Dream Bubble Show is new “show in the gold stream flow” created by singer- songwriter- musician- artist- actress- writer- filmmaker etc etc “Patoirlove”. The intention is to spread the love, shine the light, share our gifts, live as our greatest versions.. to learn ..to grow.. to share ..to love... for world peace..

Patoirlove is living a “musical marathon” as her character “Cyphen” & can often be found rhyming and singing and dancing in the flow while playing mandolin, guitar, telling jokes, saying words of inspiration, &/or drumming on her drum set she created on her scooter or bicycle. She also enjoys making electronic beats. She travels around with her portable (rose gold covered in stickers) PA mic she sometimes lets others sing or speak into. She feels we can all learn from one another. We are all stardust, & worthy of  expressing ourselves  and being understood. Often she is filming short ”in the flow” episodes and getting more into including others in her podcasts. It a “real-life” video game of spreading those high conscious vibes. If you see her with her wings on feel free to film and she can cross promote your work if you let her know of the video. We are building a tribe, a community, a “dream bubble” family of beings who support one another and encourage authenticity without judgement & labels. Get rid of what is no longer serving you & hop in for a joy ride. Come be in the show. Let’s make legendary memories & work together. Doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not; it’s about sharing our passions, finding our purposes if we don’t yet know who we truly are, networking with other magical beings who appreciate staying true and want to live happily,  & working to discover more & bettering ourselves and the world. The best is yet to come.. stay tuned. Events happening.. ;)

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