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21 + Things to Help You Live Your “Greatest Life” 

21 + Things to Help You Live Your “Greatest Life”

6 June 2019

Article by: Danielle Patoir




I’ve heard before.. if it isn’t a “hell yes” then don’t do it. I am wondering the source because I would like to credit them but anyway..I agree.

Get in touch with your emotions in this present moment.. & do so with clarity. How do you feel? Do you know why you feel as you do? Being fully aware through all…

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Today's News- #DiaryofaSongwriter 

The Dream Bubble Show News: REMAKING SONGS based off the law of attraction Featuring: #TheSongRider Patoirlove #diaryofasongwriter Channel 22 2 good to be true May 26, 2019 Written by: Ghost Rider Cyphen Hyphen Nirvana REMAKE RELEASED TODAY!! You can find it on Bandcamp here: Soon to be released on all other online platforms :.. Be on the lookout. Today marks an important “new starting point” of the journey for singer- songwriter - musician Patoirlove (aka Danielle Patoir) who just released a remake of Nirvana’s song “Something in the Way”. Not only did she finish the huge production and release it to the world; she made some realizations in the process. She is planning to make an album of “remakes” (cover songs totally remade; rewriting lyrics but riding the melodies & adding her magic touch) She has decided she will be rewarding her “true supporters”.. who have purchased at least $20 of her Bandcamp songs or have been a strong backbone in moving her career through other notable ways… with a remake song of their choice.. to be featured on the album with a note of dedication. She greatly appreciated anyone who has ever shown the belief in herself she was missing; and as a token of her appreciation she thought, “..why not pick a song they love and see if anything can be rewritten to help them with their daily lives?.. I mean after all ..they most likely listen to the song over and over. That says something in itself.” This also helps Patoirlove get to know her supporters on another level. Patoirlove’s favorite thing to do is to make songs and she has been doing so since the age of 9 ½.. she is 33 now. It has been quite the journey and she wants nothing more than to successfully support herself with her craft and help the world with her songs. “There are things I would like people to know.. things that I have learned that have helped me.. from all the research I have done over the years about manifesting and creating your "dream” reality… It would benefit people to listen to my songs. My intention is only one of love; hence the name. Music has been my medicine and I hope my music can be that for people rather than all those detrimental unnatural hard drugs and chemicals out there. Let’s save some lives.“ Yes, she is asking the supporters what their favorite songs are or a song they would like her to remake for them. Being the light worker she is and knowing how powerful repeated words can be she is rewriting lyrics based off the law of attraction and other "self up” knowledge she has learned to help people live fully & happily. She knows that yes it is about the energy (which is why she tunes in 528hz the love miracle tone & puts all her heart & soul into her work) and maybe words don’t mean anything to some people and half the time they might not get the words but there are things such as “belief systems” and she feels that if we repeatingly start to say or hear things it could stick & negatively affect our lives. Let’s keep it positive and feeling joyful. Her intention is to help spread love, help people through their hard times, through the depression, or at least open their mind to the other dimensions of magic & possibilities; to hop in and feel the pure bliss. She calls herself “the song rider” as she is riding on the melodies of other successful songs; rewriting what she feels she ought to rewrite .. in order to help the world manifest and live in peace & harmony. In the process she is learning a lot about songwriting. Sometimes you could catch her songwriting on the fly in public as well.. Again, You can check out the new release here: (which sounds nothing like Kurt Cobain’s version but he clearly is an inspiration and the melodies are there.. she also is relating to his story.. she is talking to him..) Already Patoirlove has songs to work on (thanks to loyal fans you know who you are- much love) but if you would like to get in on the album let her know.. message IG@ Patoirlove Or email: with subject line: #TheSongRider Just show some support… maybe start off by getting a song for a dollar..share the song…whatever your heart feels..whatever you can goes a long way.. show interest give feedback how you think she can get better… She will be spending her time for the people who deserve it and appreciate everything she has put in over the years.. Thanks for being part of the journey. Stay tuned for more..

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