The Creator of "Wolfpack Entertainment" shares his knowledge of creating an "intro" & "outro" for YouTube creators out there. Building a YouTube channel?? Eli might be the guy to ask.. 

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Eli's Take

More show collisions with Eli of Wolfpack Entertainment.

Eli enters "the dream bubble"... to give his twist on the show.


Video credits: Eli Monge

This video is uploaded on Eli's channel "A VERY FUN DAY!!" feat. Matthew Silver at the end of the video. Patoirlove & Matthew Silver ended up making an unplanned improv skit "in the flow" about being free & expressing yourself in public. The beginning of the video features conversation between Eli & Patoirlove (on a scooter) w/ topics of a wide range related to living as our greatest versions.

Link to Matthew SIlver: