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"WE are "INNER-OUTER SPACE LOOK"!! Patoirlove has decided to dive deep & fly beyond this realm of "perception" to bring you the next "Facebook"; a new concept to "rewrite history" in this "time illusion". Let's pick "the golden script". OK, let's view our dreamscapes already! What call are we waiting for & who is calling anyway? God? Your "future self"? Is it even a phone at all? Maybe it is a microphone... lol. Shout out!

 The idea is all titled under the "life project" name: Cyphen & Hyphen: The Dream Bubble Show.

What if we lived in a world where we all could flourish with happiness; having the time to work on ourselves enough that we have mastered our crafts & are able to fully support ourselves by servicing them to others? In other words.. what if we all were "living our dreams" in a state of "pure bliss"; "flying high on air" all the time?!? This seems like a fairy-tale.. a wish.. to many. Some people are doing this however. But ah Yes, "the "highs" & "lows" of life.. are inevitable". OK, maybe they are what make the "ride" interesting & keep us grateful but perhaps we can "bounce up to new heights quickly" the next time we hit rock bottom or ride the waves with ease (with that extra push) as we continue coasting. 

What if anything truly is possible though & we expanded our imaginations a bit while riding the "beliefs" that no longer serve us? Mind over matter.. seems more like an equation to know. We hear of people "manifesting" things that seem way beyond belief all the time. We have people taping into "the magic" every moment of existence. Miracles lie within & besides us every day. We see prayers being answered. What if we ended the wars & were at peace with one another? They say our outer worlds are a reflection of our inner worlds.. so wouldn't we all just have to find peace & harmony (balance) within ourselves to see "world peace"?? What would bring us there the fastest? Feeling like we are already there?! 

What do you actually "need"? What are you asking for? Alignment with "all there is"!? Abraham Hicks talks about "source energy" & "the vortex"; "a vibrational holder of all requests", "an environment where all you asked for is given & is just waiting for you to receive". What is inside your "vortex"? What would keep us vibrating with the frequency of "love"? Infinite Waters notes "what we focus on grows". Patoirlove is on a mission for "world peace" & knows "we are one"; "we are united". What if we all put this "dream" to focus? Do enough of us want it? Well, isn't "feeling good" a "good" enough reason to want it? What about feeling like you are part of something bigger than yourself? Being understood? Knowing that you matter & you are on the same mission as many out there; alongside of a "team", "family", &/or "tribe" serving "the greatest good" & giving others hope. What if you could help change the course for the future generations? It is up to us.. & we can. "Team work makes the dream work"; let's help each-other out! 

We all have different skills & assets to offer & are all here for a reason. Synchonicities constantly connect the dots & show us the magic in everything we come across & the people we meet.

If we were to step back for a moment & think about any time there was an argument, a war, or any hateful dead done..we would note that there was a lack of love. Those people "suffering" need "love". Anything without "love" simply isn't living up to it's "greatest potential"; as "love is all you need". Perhaps people are just fed up because they know they aren't thriving to the best of their ability & don't know the best way to genuinely express themselves. The fact is "pain" helps us know when something is off & we ought to "give it proper attention". We might have "pain" in different areas. What to do from there? Rise above the pain yet be in touch with it perhaps; as balance is key. We must continue to learn & grow; as everything is constantly changing & we were born with the capabilities to adapt.

War vibrates at an extremely low vibration & is due to some "inner outer battle" going on with the people involved. It is unnecessary as we can "pivot" from the moment there is a "difference". Learn from "the point being made" & spiral in growth as a seed was planted. We are all reflections here to learn from one another & the answer to the "problem" can be "l.o.v.e." Do the math. What if we dealt with the contrast differently? Yes, there will be times we are faced with things (or people) we don't want to face & we might FEEL it so extremely because it matters SO MUCH TO YOU for SOME REASON- take note of WHY. Too often we project our feelings & situations onto others 'cos maybe that is all we know. When dealt with in a state of clarity however, these "moments" can be looked at as "unlocking hidden treasures for our own consciousness' expansion." Perhaps the cork was popped on a bottle that was bottling up way too much pressure on its own to begin with. Anytime you have a problem with someone realize they've got their own stories going on & most of the time we only know (if we are lucky) the highlights. There is a lot we are unaware of; it is on them. Don't take it personally. Detach yourself from the negativity & shield your energy. This world is filled with people & life. If we are able to coexist as cells breathing in our greatest states; working as an "organism"; "Mother Earth" would be in such better hands. We will be able to lend a hand to one another because we are already helping ourselves. We can fill other people's cups because we've got enough.

Patoirlove has decided to make this a "real- life video- game"; where she will be a "real - life video game character" & make visits to different people (having show collisions if they want to be part of it); where we act as mirrors for one another & work on healing our chakras that might need balancing together. The show will also "stream live" where the "watchers" can give their input as well; while we all "look though one lens". It can be a fun adventurous way to learn; a fun way to "better ourselves" as we "reach enlightenment" in order to be the best we can be; our greatest versions. Patoirlove has decided to show the "magic" along the way as she is constantly surrounded; being in the "golden flow". Join her for a memorable & remarkable journey if you wish! All your "dreams" can be "reality" but perhaps you just needed to "hop in" & "wake up" already. Turn on the switch!

WANT "Patoirlove" to come to you?!

Want Patoirlove to come to you?? Perhaps you want to be on the show? Need vocals or mandolin/ guitar on a track? Perhaps you need an article written for your passion? Want to have a "gift- exchange?" Her services are being offered as an exchange (perhaps just a place to stay & food so she can tour); or if you want to help her work "with the system" (money for travels & equipment would help). Let this be a "fair" exchange; whatever you can offer. The show will constantly be building & promoting your work more & more as the episodes build up. So be one of the first to "hop into the bubble"!

Patoirlove has "hired" herself  as her "light-worker self" to "share her gifts" with the world'; having "gift exchanges where-ever she goes to help raise the vibration of the planet & fill the cracks with "light". 

You want to help make history & a show sensation!? How about the next musical marathon because it is looking like one. Send a message to


SINGER- SONGWRITER- MUSICIAN (mostly guitar, mandolin, & electronics), FILM-MAKER, WRITER, ACTRESS, CREATOR...

She released her debut album in 2015 tuning in mostly 432hz; a "universal tone".

The album, titled "REP- Patoir" can be found on iTunes, alongside a few other songs. 



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MORE TO COME ALONGSIDE THIS SHOW!!  Besides new episodes that cross promote people's "gifts"; Patoirlove will be sharing "gold gems" she finds "in the flow". She is opening "The DREAM BUBBLE SHOP" where she will offer to help certain "bubbles" fly.

If you are interested in being featured & want help selling your arts & crafts, services, or whatever you would like; reach out. As long is it is in resonance with the concept of this whole project & there is an equal energy exchange; we should be "golden".

PS: NEW SONGS BY PATOIRLOVE (Creator of "The Dream Bubble Show") are scheduled to be released this year 2018 if you would like to make a shout out in exchange.

Now tuning her music in 528hz (the miracle tone; DNA healing; the "love" frequency"; & staying true to her self. Eh.. let's make a "show" about "being ourselves in the flow"?! Let's see how we interact...  

About Us

Photo Credit: Eli Monge


 What are we watering our gardens & "thought seeds" with? Pure clean water? What are we filling our cups with? Love? A deep breath of fresh air? How about those elements & chakras. The concept of the reflective and rainbow tinted illuminescent shell is simple yet complex. There is much it can do such as expand, fly, hold "air or a "gas", or resemble a flexible sphere that looks as if it might "bounce". A "space" to hold the invisible... what if we were cartoons & the bubbles could hold whatever came to mind, our bags, our thoughts, etc etc.?Maybe you want some to float away.. what do you want to stay? Maybe you want certain things to come & go as you travel between "home" & the rest of the world. Endless possibilites arise just like the clusters of bubbles that are usually blown together. Magic lies inside each and every one & as noted the "eye" of the beholder sees from their "lenses". We might see what is inside our bubble that others cannot; we shine what we choose to give light to; outside ourselves. Like the third eye that might be "invisible", like dreams that "have yet to be seen in this reality"; we just have to "wake up" to it all. It is all already going on. Find the connection; tune yourself in. Tune yourself in so much that you can see the halo around you. Jump in stardust. Let it begin. Are you ready yet to "see your dream life" as your new perception? People might say "come back to "reality""...well what "reality" do you want to SHOW them? You are here to SHINE! GLOW! & FLY! The "game" of life ought to be enjoyable! What did you sign up for?! Do you remember?

Maybe eventually the "dream bubble" willl burst to completely resurface this earth; blending the oils of our current "reality" with the "ideals" to create a shiny masterpiece. Or perhaps we completely "paint over" or "engulf" the current picture; reframing it with a "bubble" that can act as a new lense. For now.. let's "pave the way" & "shine the light, lighthouses"; we are "fillIng the cracks" with a new material. Let the rays of light burst through this planet we stand on; creating a mirror sparkling so bright that the actual Sun & Moon get to see their own beauty. We are shooting stars.. welcome to your new galaxy, love. β˜€οΈ πŸŒ™ πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ’«πŸš€βœ¨πŸ¦‹πŸŽΆπŸ’“πŸŽπŸ¦„πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸŽŠπŸ’¦




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