Patoirlove is the “stage name” for Danielle Patoir; a musical artist into all forms of magical creation. As a songwriter since a very young age; creating songs is her number one focus as it is her favorite thing to do. She has been in quite a few musical projects / bands & collaborated with many talented artists over the years; mainly based out of NYC/ NJ & Portland OR. The focus now is on the new songs; recording & gigging. Tuning her guitars & mandolin in 528hz tuning (the miracle tone/ DNA healing), & writing uplifting lyrics she aims to help the listener & bring them to a highly conscious dimension (the 5th dimension). Back in 2015, she recorded her debut album (which you can find on iTunes titled “REP- Patoir”) with Liam Flanagan in Portland OR; which was mostly tuned in the other earth friendly tone of 432hz. She is a lightworker channeling the best of frequencies she can; always working on herself to be her greatest version. She feels it is part of her mission here on earth; to welcome others to a magical world of peace, love & high vibes; a place where dreams are real. She has been getting more into film & editing as well; creating videos you could also find on this website. Comedy and acting are also of high interest as she enjoys being on set & laughing. The world truly feels like a playground however; a stage. Perhaps this is a “real- life video game” after all. Hop in!!


She is living an active & “musical” life and has created a character for herself known as “Cyphen Hyphen”, who you might see dancing, rolling around NYC with a scooter drum and instrument with a googley eye.. or going incognito as “the song rider” with a skateboard as she films episodes in the “flow”. She has also been making a lot of meditation & self help videos to be your greatest as she has been studying this over the years & still continues to research today. The songs released this year, as well as the comedic clips she creates, all have to do with the “dream bubble show” concept that “dreams are now reality”. We are frequency and vibration; it is time to line up & enter the dimension we prefer. Time to be all you came here to be. The slogan is: “flying high on air” as we are in “pure happiness doing what we love”.