A Space for Us

I wanted to make a spot we all could stay connected... besides your typical social media & the phone... so here it is. 🙏🎆🦋💫👩‍🎤💕


I am on IG however @daniellepatoir @daniellepatoirmusic @cyphenhyphen @thedreambubbleshow // New IG: @thesongrider

Twitter @patoirlove

It is a musical marathon.. show in the gold stream flow. Dreams are reality & we are sharing our gifts & living out our true purpose. Zapping people into the new world of peace & love.. raising the frequency of the planet... so we can all live happily as our greatest versions. Most likely I will be having random pop up events in the parks .. working as my light- worker self. You might find me with my new hot neon pink Ukulele .. a skateboard or scooter with a leaf (sometimes a drum on it).. walking with an instrument.. guitar perhaps.. singing.. dancing as I walk ... out on a fun run.. doing random yoga moves . ... “zen”-ing out meditating near a tree or water ..😱🥳🙏👁🌟🦋👩‍🎤🎆💕💫👽🌈🌟👍🦋👁🤷‍♀️💡 etc etc. Stay true they say! We are flying high on air!


to Contact me: thedreambubbleshow@gmail.com


Sending love & light.



Danielle Patoir 

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