Patoirlove: The Creator of "The Dream Bubble Show" singer-songwriter

PATOIRLOVE (or "Cyphen" of "The Dream Bubble Show"


"Patoirlove" is the artist/ stage name of Danielle Patoir; a singer-songwriter- musician-  {indie- alternative-rock- electronic- hip-hop- flow- sometimes tribal sounding artist} who mixes the genres for an eclectic twist; Now tuning in 528Hz (the miracle tone) & with the mindset of a "sound healer". Playing what is felt through the heart & soul & channeling the spirit gods; she aims to shine light & spread love.

Besides music being her number one passion; Patoirlove enjoys creating #oneminutefilms, taking photos & editing them to another galaxy, using her imagination, laughing, thinking outside the box, meditating, admiring nature, the stars, sun, & moon, being the director & main actress (who plays different characters) of her own "musical marathon"-(a magical movie comedy play personality), creating all forms of art, writing, learning, & rhyming in the flow (& on the go). She also enjoys staying active through activities such as dancing, yoga, running, walking, hiking, biking, scootering, circuit training, skateboarding (learning how lol), & so forth... etc etc the list goes on & on. She is all about adventure & taking care of the mind, body, & soul; as well as Mother Earth & the other creatures that roam about it. She is all about staying true to yourself & being free; following that inner guidance, honesty & self expression. 

Currently she is focusing on her career as a songwriter & recording artist. New songs are in the works & set to be released early 2019. She is constantly working with various musicians/ electronic artists/ producers/& artists. She has much experience in the studio & ended up getting a demo together before she was even "Patoirlove". She released a few self produced "singles" that could be found on iTunes & later released her debut album in 2015 in Portland OR, with Liam Flanagan of Down Stares Recording; the album was also released on iTunes. There are numerous collaborations, "self recorded songs" & "live phone recordings in the flow" available to listen as well. 

Mainly honing in on her vocals & songwriting, she also plays guitar & mandolin, & dabbles with percussion/ drums, electronic sounds, & any instruments she can get her hands on. She has worked with many skilled artists & mentors on her craft, has taken college level courses in the field of Music Technology, & continues to advance & surround herself with brilliant & passionate guides & artists.



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With some acting & film experience; Patoirlove has decided to make her own show she calls "The Dream Bubble Show". The idea is "we are what we seek"; "we are lining up with "our greatest versions" & all the universe has to offer us; pure abundance. We are living our biggest & wildest dreams in a bubble of the "highest frequencies"(peace, love, & happiness) that popped to merge with "reality". So far Patoirlove has demonstrated the "high vibes" direction & comical undertones she is including to raise the vibration of the planet; with some YouTube videos & audio recordings/ podcasts she has created on her own time; where she "self- helps" herself in public; rhyming & making "ridiculous scenes" of whatever else is "unusual" to get her points across. "Yes, "God" is my only  judge & I was told to do this by God; so we are flourishing lol. The new world is judgement free; just stay true & stay awesome. Love vibes only; raise up."

The idea is..  we are cartoon characters living (& enjoying!) a "real- life video game" & having "show collisions" where we share our "gifts". Perhaps you don't know your gifts? Well, let us help you discover them.. & unwrap them.. that is your sense of purpose.. your talents, desires, and passions. We are all here for a reason & have much to offer. We can all help each other out & learn from one another. Like books in a library; you decide to share the highlights; whatever you wish. We are rewriting our scripts with "pure bliss"; let's see with our third eyes & feel with our hearts. We are souls in bodies & it's time to shine the light.

The Dream Bubble Show will be featuring other brilliant, successful, & driven creatives/ the people who are continually pursuing their passions & living their dreams; having one highlight artist each round. Again, we are in the flow & want to hear even what "the crowd" has to say (as we are all equal); so let's pass around the mic. Don't want to speak or sing or crack a joke..etc? All good, Patoirlove also likes to hand everyone a piece of paper & a writing utensil to see what they do with it by the end of the night. 

Who knows what else might happen? Plan for it to be somewhat interactive & healing; but again you participate to your comfort level as it is only love here. 

NOTE: There will be certain "ON AIR" locations where we will be filming live footage to turn into actual episodes if you would like to be on the show. If you are still interested in going to a live event but don't want to be in the filming just simply let us know; there will be other locations you can watch from.

Also, note it is highly likely that we will be capturing audio with the highlight artist (if they desire) to turn into a podcast.

Patoirlove feels that if we all were to actually meet every person in the room & know why they are there, we would also learn more about ourselves. We are all reflections of  the same thing & a sense of deep understanding ultimately can achieve the "peace" the world is searching for. Communication & self- expression are vital if we want to make some changes in this world.

Patoirlove continues to do background acting more & more; learning how successful shows are run & networking with amazing actors & actresses each time. She has been on the sets of many successful shows such as High Maintenance, The Last OG, FBI, Blue Bloods, & Grimm to name a few. She was also a production assistant for the Indie film, "The Incoherents"; set to be released within this upcoming year [2018/ 2019].   

Everything is unraveling.. stay TUNED (in 528hz or 432Hz!) 'cos we ARE THE "MIRACLE TONE". She is constantly researching & learning about ways to be her greatest version & aims to share her knowledge with the world; to raise the consciousness of the planet through many mediums. Some of her favorite teachers are extremely successful world-renown authors/public speakers/ & teachers of the laws of the universe & the expansion of consciousness; such as Abraham Hicks, Infinite Waters, Mary Morrissey, Eckhart Tolle, Aaron Doughty, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, & Dali Lama. The list goes on & on with other strong influences (now spirits) being Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries), Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams, Chris Farley, & David Bowie.


"The Dream Bubble Show" has become Patoirlove's "life work"; a huge project including music, film, acting, art, comedy, writings, & more.. !


Collaborations// Services


About a decade ago, Patoirlove was the front- woman of "The Prettiest Meltdown" (a NYC/ NJ band) for about 3 years. She has been part of numerous side- projects/ bands besides this; working with an array of talented musicians/ DJs/ & electronic artists; in which she also released a few songs. She has played at notable venues such as The Bitter End, Arlene's Grocery, Sidewalk Cafe, Lovecraft, Trash Bar, & Sullivan Hall to name a few in NYC. She was a featured RAW artist twice in Portland OR & played at the Monolith Music Festival on the West Coast; along with a bunch of venues out there in Portland. She has been featured on the famous "Inspired Word" showcase @ Parkside Lounge in NYC, as well as on the singer- songwriter TV Show "Alive With Clive". Her song "Lost & Found" was critiqued by Suzanne Vega; who had only positive words to say. She has been mentioned in blogs such as Go Magazine & has been on radio stations such as XRAY.FM & "Green Living: 3rd Strike"; but she likes to think... the best is what is going on now.. 


As noted; she is available for freelance work & creative projects; if interested reach out. She will be working on projects in the order received.

You can find her on: http://www.ProCollabs.com/artist/Patoirlove

For booking &/or any other inquiries please email: CyphenHyphen@gmail.com