Patoirlove: The Creator of "The Dream Bubble Show"

PATOIRLOVE (or "Cyphen" of "The Dream Bubble Show"

"Patoirlove" is the artist/ stage name of Danielle Patoir; a singer-songwriter- musician-  {indie- alternative-rock- electronic- hip-hop- flow- sometimes tribal sounding artist} who mixes the genres for an eclectic twist; Now tuning in 528Hz (the miracle tone) & with the mindset of a "sound healer". Playing what is felt through the heart & soul & channeling the spirit gods; she aims to shine light & spread love.

Besides music being her number one passion; Patoirlove enjoys creating #oneminutefilms, taking photos & editing them to another galaxy, using her imagination, laughing, thinking outside the box, meditating, admiring nature, the stars, sun, & moon, being the director & main actress (who plays different characters) of her own "musical marathon"-(a magical movie comedy play personality), creating all forms of art, writing, learning, & rhyming in the flow (& on the go). She also enjoys staying active through activities such as dancing, yoga, running, walking, hiking, biking, scootering, circuit training, skateboarding (learning how lol), & so forth... etc etc the list goes on & on. She is all about adventure & taking care of the mind, body, & soul; as well as Mother Earth & the other creatures that roam about it. She is all about staying true to yourself & being free; following that inner guidance, honesty & self expression. 

Currently she is focusing on her career as a songwriter & recording artist. New songs are in the works & set to be released this summer 2018. She is constantly working with various musicians/ electronic artists/ producers/& artists. She has much experience in the studio & ended up getting a demo together before she was even "Patoirlove". She released a few self produced "singles" that could be found on iTunes & later released her debut album in 2015 in Portland OR, with Liam Flanagan of Down Stares Recording; the album was also released on iTunes. There are numerous collaborations, "self recorded songs" & "live phone recordings in the flow" available to listen as well; though tons have yet to be released. 

Mainly honing in on her vocals & songwriting, she also plays guitar & mandolin, & dabbles often with percussion/ drums, electronic sounds, & any instruments she can get her hands on. She has worked with many skilled artists & mentors on her craft, has taken college level courses in the field of Music Technology, & continues to advance & surround herself with brilliant & passionate guides & artists.

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------------------ "LIVE YOUR DREAMS"-----

With some acting & film experience; Patoirlove has decided to make her own show she calls "The Dream Bubble Show". The idea is "we already are what we seek"; "we are already living our biggest & wildest dreams in a bubble of the highest frequencies (peace, love, & happiness)".. She plans to make it comical (where we are cartoon characters living a "real- life video game") & to have a bunch of "show collisions"; featuring other brilliant, successful, & driven creatives/ the people who are continually pursuing & living their dreams. She has been on the sets of successful shows (background acting) such as High Maintenance, Blue Bloods, & Grimm to name a few. She was also a production assistant for the Indie film, "The Incoherents"; set to be released within this upcoming year [2018/ 2019].   

Everything is unraveling.. stay TUNED (in 528hz or 432Hz!) 'cos we ARE THE "MIRACLE TONE". She is constantly researching & learning about ways to be her greatest version & aims to share her knowledge with the world; to raise the consciousness of the planet through many mediums. Some of her favorite teachers are extremely successful world-renown authors/public speakers/ & teachers of the laws of the universe & the expansion of consciousness; such as Abraham Hicks, Infinite Waters, Mary Morrissey, Eckhart Tolle, Aaron Doughty, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, & Dali Lama. The list goes on & on with other strong influences (now spirits) being Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries), Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams, Chris Farley, & David Bowie.


"The Dream Bubble Show" has become Patoirlove's "life work"; a huge project including music, film, acting, art, comedy, writings, & more.. !

Collaborations// Services

Patoirlove was the front- woman of "The Prettiest Meltdown" (a NYC/ NJ band in the early 2000s) for about 3 years. She has been part of numerous side- projects/ bands besides this; working with an array of talented musicians/ DJs/ & electronic artists. She has played at notable venues such as The Bitter End, Arlene's Grocery, Sidewalk Cafe, Lovecraft, Trash Bar, & Sullivan Hall to name a few in NYC. She was a featured RAW artist twice in Portland OR & played at the Monolith Music Festival on the West Coast; along with a bunch of venues out there in Portland. She has been featured on the famous "Inspired Word" showcase @ Parkside Lounge in NYC, as well as on the singer- songwriter TV Show "Alive With Clive". Her song "Lost & Found" was critiqued by Suzanne Vega; who had only positive words to say. She has been mentioned in blogs such as Go Magazine & has been on radio stations such as XRAY.FM & "Green Living: 3rd Strike"; but she likes to think... the best is what is going on now.. with a handful of new songs (that keep coming); she eagerly waits to release them to the world w/ the intention of helping as many people as possible.


As noted; she is available for freelance work; if interested reach out. She will be working on projects in the order received.

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