The Dream Bubble Show Episodes

"Cyphen Hyphen" on Instagram [IG @cyphenhyphen & @TheDreamBUbbleShow]

“The Dream Bubble Show” has been a collection of "shows in the 'gold stream' flow"; sometimes captured & shared online, sometimes just in "real time" for whoever is around. It is a musical marathon but "real episodes" are in the works as a fairy-tale story to share the magical knowledge. Little video clips revolving around the whole show concept have been posted on YouTube and continue to be. Patoirlove often has mini “shows in public” where she often expresses herself differently than “the norm” if you want to put it that way. It is about being free, letting go, sharing “your gifts”, staying true to yourself... etc etc. A big part of this show is about promoting other people in their purpose. It is about working together as a "dream team"; helping out another out. Everyone has so much to offer & it is time we all know our worth & live life to its full potential. Make memories! You can also find some one minute clips on the new Instagrams “@cyphenhyphen & @thedreambubbleshow”, where the intention is of relief & fun to raise the vibration.

Stay tuned!! More on the way. Until then... it really is always a show in “real life”... it just isn’t always filmed... think of it kinda like a “musical” randomly ... pop up style in the “gold stream flow”. You never know what and when... it is the magic folks... working its best in the high vibrations... to raise the frequency of the planet & help all “wake up” & live  in peace.